No Russia, no federation book by Vasily Krouglov


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February 2022 was the world's longest month in decades - the 21st century's first major war in Europe stretched a moment into hundreds of crazy days. For Russia, that February was the last. At the same time as the invasion, the transformation into a fascist state was completed. There was no more Russia or Federation in it. The war did not only affect Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. It also accelerated great historical processes.

In "No Russia, no federation" the artist and writer Vasily Krouglov has created a detailed picture of the invasion, of the atmosphere inside and outside the country, and of the chain of events in the world of military Europe.

No Russia no federation book, author Vasily Krouglov

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War Chronicle

Analysis of the heroic resistance of Ukrainians, events happening on the battlefields and on the homefront. The state of the forces, plans and capabilities in the dynamic: as presented at each stage, based on information at the time

Inside Fascism

An eyewitness account of the atmosphere in the dictatorship. The instantaneous disappearance of pre-war Russia, the state of society and the polity, repression, change in attitudes and the feeling of falling into the abyss.

Global History

How war affected global politics, how democracies and other dictatorships evolved. A timeline of world confrontation and efforts to suppress fascism.

The regime's fall

Putin's state agony and death. The devastation that the dictatorship brought to others and to itself.

People and Fates

Personal correspondence, plans, hopes and fears - what people thought, discussed and did before and during the war.

The Author

Vasily Kruglov is an artist, writer and journalist. He is the founder of the anti-censorship service, former editor-in-chief of the independent media, and author of the book "You're the State".

He participated in protesting Putin, opposed annexing Crimea, and was one of the first to condemn the new invasion of Ukraine. During the war, he spent the first few months in two Russian cities before leaving the country.

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